Postgraduate studies are today a significant extension of higher education and play a decisive role in achieving educational, cultural, social and economic goals in many universities. Striving to broaden and strengthen the knowledge offered to university graduates in specific fields of art and science, postgraduate programs have been structured and offered at most faculties that award either a postgraduate diploma.

In the diploma thesis student should demonstrate deepened knowledge of one of the scientific disciplines covered by the program, which is the subject of specialization. In addition, it should document the ability to independently search for and use of scientific literature, as well as the ability to use source materials and combine theoretical knowledge with practical issues.

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Thesis should be based on the subject literature and be an independent analysis of a selected business unit, sector, phenomenon or economic process based on primary data (own research) or secondary data (reports, reports, statistical materials). The work should include a critical analysis of both the literature and the empirical part of the work; at work, an attempt should be made to formulate own conclusions, assessments, views and forecasts.

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Writing bachelor’s theses

Are you planning a career in business? Or maybe you want to increase your skills? If so, then the undergraduate studies are the first step on the way to obtaining an academic degree.

Bachelor’s thesis is the culmination of the bachelor’s program. Bachelor’s thesis is carried out in the form of a research project within the faculty. This is an opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired during the program in practice. Bachelor’s thesis is used to assess the student’s initiative and its ability to plan, report and present the project.

Students must search for relevant data themselves. All necessary data can usually be downloaded from annual reports on company websites and spatial data (access provided by the chairman).

More about writing bachelor’s theses

In the case of case studies, literature research is of secondary importance. Their practical concentration from nature puts more emphasis on research and data analysis. Case studies require a good understanding of the theoretical and methodological concepts described in previous lectures. In addition, reliable knowledge of Microsoft Excel (eg sensitivity analysis, search purpose, etc.) is crucial.

Bachelor studies consist of compulsory and optional subjects. Their content, number of hours, form of assessment and ECTS points are included in the curriculum. The programs last 3 years (6 semesters) and end with a bachelor’s exam.

Writing master’s theses

Each diploma thesis is the final stage of studies, presenting in one study their knowledge, skills acquired during the whole education and creating a unique project. Originality and uniqueness has a very large impact on the final evaluation of the work. Each work should be based on professional literature, often inaccessible items – although it should also contain its own contribution, conclusions, opinions and own position.

All literature sources should be reliable and documented. Often these are books, publications, articles, and Internet sources. The quality of work is certainly boosted by various types of research, jurisprudence and foreign literature.

In the case of research, both the literature and the empirical part must form a coherent whole and not differ from each other. The work must be correct linguistically and methodologically.

More about writing master’s theses

The master’s degree is an academic degree awarded for completing the master’s studies in a specific field of study. To be able to enroll for a master’s program, students usually have to complete their undergraduate studies in a related field. Graduates should have advanced knowledge, the ability to apply their knowledge in a practical context, and analytical, critical and problem-solving skills in a chosen area of ​​study.

Graduate degrees can be based on theoretical knowledge, based on research or a combination of both. The primary goal of master’s programs is to provide the necessary knowledge and skills to conduct independent research in a specific field or in a multidisciplinary field.

Having the right master’s degree can give you a significant competitive advantage in a crowded job market, and this additional qualification at a higher level shows your ability to get involved in the job. Master’s studies can also be very useful if you want to change your career.

If you’re already working in your preferred industry, a master’s degree can lead to rapid career development. This can highlight your motivation, determination and readiness to increase your skills in the selected area.

We have experience in preparing specialist texts, including master’s theses.