Every scientific work is a form of creative work.

Work like science itself can be understood as a scientific work or as a scientific study. The role of creative work is to establish new connections between phenomena, things or concepts that already exist, and the result of such work is a work such as a scientific article or a scientific book.

Obtaining results is an important task for researchers, but these results have no real value, unless scientists make their correct interpretation, giving the meaning and meaning of these discoveries. Reformulation of research results is called discussion. Usually, every academic article, dissertation or dissertation must contain a discussion section in its structure and recorded in the form of the last section. The researcher puts forward a hypothesis, defines a goal, chooses a methodology, performs experiments, collects data, performs a startup analysis, draws tables, and shows figures or photos, all of them are treated as raw data.

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Therefore, the discussion section must be written correctly, accurately, readable, motivating and consistent. Researchers when writing articles usually face the challenge of presenting a convincing discussion section. The goal of writing a discussion is to give the reader the philosophy of the project’s purpose and the researcher’s mind, and the researchers must remember that the discussion is written to the readers not to themselves.

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